Bespoke Garden Bench and Table

Having worked together before on many projects, Castle Bespoke Joinery was once again thrilled to receive an email from a well-respected architect within his field, complete with schematic drawings relating to a new venture. Our Specialist Designer at Castle Bespoke Joinery set about producing manufacturing drawings and approximating costings to present to the architect for his approval.

Due to the complexity of the venture, our Specialist Designer resolved to meet with the architect and his contractor, who was to be tasked with the installation of the bespoke design. A clear challenge was to ascertain how the completed bespoke furniture would be relocated to the desired garden. Due to its size and structure, this would require mechanical lifting. It was also key to ensure that the design was feasible for the contractor to install. By working in unison, our Specialist Designer was able to listen and collaboratively address the contractor’s concerns by adjusting the structural design accordingly to make it more practical to fit. At this point we were able to provide the architect with an accurate quotation.

The design required metal fabrication, which was outsourced. During this time, a representative of Castle Bespoke Joinery visited the steelworks during the process (the steelworks are pictured below), to ensure that the design criteria (that had been meticulously planned) were being met.


Once completed, the bespoke steel work was delivered to our workshop located in Rye, Sussex, ready for final construction by our in-house specialists, who apply the same high attention to detail to every project that Castle takes on. An example of our work in progress is shown below.

Work in Progress

Finally, the specialist transport and lifting company, appointed by our architect client, attended our workshop site in Rye, Sussex to assess and appraise how they would uplift the assembled bespoke unit into its loving new home. The stunning bespoke bench seat, complete with matching table, can be seen on the right.

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bespoke garden bench and table