Bromley Shopping Centre

A surveyor on behalf of a large construction contractor contacted Castle Bespoke Joinery with the vision to integrate a modern retail area with the newly updated contemporary restaurants within Bromley shopping centre. As a popular and busy shopping venue, the objective was simple: to seamlessly blend these key areas together.

Shown below are some images of the area before works were completed.

One of our senior representatives provided a quote to the surveyor, who then requested a meeting to discuss some matters further. Our Specialist Designer then took over.

Due to the complex nature of the design itself, the quotation was outside of the available budget. As a result, we were asked to consider if it was possible to simplify the processes, keeping costs down but nevertheless maintaining the end visual result. After careful planning and consideration, we were able to achieve this and on budget.

Once a sample was approved in writing, our expert craftsmen set about creating these beautiful rustic panels, which you can see (pictured) during the manufacture process at our workshop based in Rye, Sussex.

Following this, a separate quote was requested and provided for bespoke internal joinery at the same site. Drawings were provided, enabling us to create in-house manufacturing drawings. These were compiled with the help of our site survey, which was performed by one of our representatives. This quotation was also quickly approved and production commenced promptly.

Western Red Cedar wood was ordered and then machined to size on arrival. Every piece of timber was then sent for specialist fire treatment to conform to Surface Spread of Flames Regulations.

Once treated and returned to Castle Bespoke Joinery, the expert team began to assemble the Cedar timber into bespoke panelling. Once the construction was completed, a final quality inspection was performed releasing them ready for despatch to the site for final fitment.

Pictured (below, and top right) are our beautifully crafted bespoke Cedar panels on display at Bromley shopping centre. We are particularly proud of this project as it publicly displays our craftsmanship to thousands of people each and every day.

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